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RadioAdSpread and TurnTable Charts Join Forces to Revolutionize Music Promotion and Analytics

In an exciting development set to reshape the landscape of music promotion and analytics, RadioAdSpread, the pioneering digital platform for radio advertisement booking, has announced a partnership with TurnTable Charts, Nigeria’s premier source for music popularity rankings. This dynamic collaboration will bring unparalleled ease, affordability, and insight to music artists and industry professionals across the country.

RadioAdSpread has earned its reputation as a game-changer in the realm of radio advertisement booking, providing artists and businesses with an innovative platform to connect with audiences through the powerful medium of radio. This partnership with TurnTable Charts will extend the platform’s capabilities by incorporating advanced metrics and tracking of airplay data. This means that music artists will not only be able to secure on-air promotions more easily and affordably, but they will also gain access to detailed insights about the reach and impact of their songs.

TurnTable Charts, renowned for its comprehensive and accurate depiction of Nigeria’s music scene, through this partnership, will be able to offer professionals across the industry discounted on-air promotions and advanced tracking data.

“We are thrilled to announce this collaboration with TurnTable Charts,” said Tunji Idowu, CEO at RadioAdSpread. “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower music artists with effective and accessible promotional tools. By joining forces, we are enabling artists to not only get their music heard on the airwaves but also to understand how their songs resonate with audiences.”

As the partnership between RadioAdSpread and TurnTable Charts takes shape, the music industry can look forward to a new era of accessible and data-informed music promotion. The collaboration’s emphasis on affordability, insight, and convenience will undoubtedly open doors for emerging and established artists alike.

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