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Space Universe Africa launches new technology-enabled R&D lab to power next layers of human advancements from Africa

Space Universe Africa, a technology development company based in Yaba, Lagos, launched its proprietary, needs-driven, multipurpose R & D lab on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. 

Through its R&D lab, Space Universe Africa aims to provide solutions to local and global challenges through innovation and democratise technological knowledge across the industry, reducing inequalities in technological advancements between Africa and the rest of the world. 

The digital revolution has seen the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Internet of things (IoT), blockchain, Web3, and most recently, the metaverse, among others. 

Space Universe Africa understands the importance of leveraging these technologies to build purpose-driven products based on a unique philosophy called the principle of Ground Truth, which states, “If you can break down into smaller pieces, identify each component, and couple it back together in a better way, then you can build practically anything, and you’re an innovator.” 

space universe africa cmo
Olamide Habibat, co-founder, Space Universe Africa

The R&D lab is built on this principle. Also, a significant product of Space Universe Africa known as the School of Ground Truth embodies this principle. Space Universe Africa is solving problems on many fronts, and here are some of their products that are doing just that. 

  1. School of Ground Truth: Human resource experts agree that tech talents will be hard to find and keep in 2022 and beyond. In Africa, poor access to information and training resources is a major challenge affecting the availability of tech talents needed to take the continent to the next phase of innovation. Through the School of Ground Truth, Space Universe Africa is helping to bridge the talent gap by employing innovative hybrid teaching methods and learning technologies. The School which uses the gamification of learning through AR and VR technologies plans to explore the metaverse and take students on a journey to explore the many possibilities in the virtual world.
  2. DevPartners: According to Evans Data Corporation, there are an estimated 26.9 million software developers worldwide; however, according to the international finance corporation (IFC), there are an estimated 83,000 software developers in Nigeria. The data tells a story of the vast talent deficit in Nigeria. DevPartners is solving the tech talent shortage issue in the African tech space by working closely with the School of Ground Truth and other partners in developer communities in upskilling potential tech talent through training, internship, outsourcing, and funding.
  3. Communication Arc: This is the company’s digital marketing arm, with a presence in some African countries. They help firms run their communications campaigns, including ads generations and distribution. Communication Arc is associated with two flagship products: RadioAdspread and PopAdlink. 
  • RadioAdspread: RadioAdSpread is a pioneering platform for aggregating global radio stations to ease brand advertisement and aims to solve the challenges faced by SMEs and Radio Stations  
  • PopAdlink: PopAdlink is an online platform that provides sophisticated tools advertisers can leverage for traffic and business growth. Both platforms currently serve several customers across the continent.
  1. With Awamaridi, Space Universe Africa plans to take a bold step into space and chart the unknown to make life better for humans while creating a healthy environment. 

Awamaridi is a Yoruba word for “the unknown,” and the space-focused programme aims to provide sustainable solutions to how energy and data are produced and used without harming the environment. There are also plans to send satellites into space. The project is still in its ideation phase in Space Universe’s R&D lab. Space Universe Africa’s R&D lab aims to leverage technology in an eco-friendly manner in Africa.

“We have an ambitious dream, and we want to do the impossible. We want to build innovations that will power the next layer of technology for human advancement,” said Olatunji Idowu, Space Universe Africa Founder and CEO. 

Olatunji Idowu, Space Universe Africa Founder and CEO
Olatunji Idowu, Space Universe Africa Founder and CEO. 

The team comprises young co-founders who plan to disrupt the tech ecosystem and improve the standing of Africa in the world as an emerging technology powerhouse. 

Space Universe Africa is a Lagos-based technology innovation company utilising emerging technologies to solve critical issues in Africa’s burgeoning but under-maximised technology ecosystem. Currently serving companies across verticals like media and gaming, the company is furthering its vision to build the continent of our dreams through its innovative Space Universe Africa R&D lab. To learn more about this lab and what Space Universe Africa represents, visit

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