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The New Age Of Radio Advertisement

AI-driven global radio advertising platform that allows businesses of all sizes to advertise on radio stations across Africa.

How It Works


Easily Select Radio Stations That Fit Your Campaign Goals At A Go.


Using Our Algorithm, Campaign Plans Are Automatically Optimized, Ensuring You Meet Audience Targeting And Budget Goals.

Detailed Reporting

Using Real-Time Reporting Dashboard, Users Can See When, Where, And What Ads Were Run, Providing You With Continuous Campaign Intelligence.


RadioAdSpread, an innovation in the African advertising sphere, is a cutting-edge digital platform that takes the radio advertisement industry on a trip from traditional, rigid and rigorous processes to full automation with audio analytics.

Easy Booking

Advertisers can easily run radio advertising on any radio station of their choice

Audio Analytics

Real-time Campaign Performance data

Inventory Management

Ease of inventory and booking management for Radio Stations

Prompt Payout

Prompt payment for all reserved slots

Experience the new way
to run Radio Campaigns.