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We're On A Mission
To Space

Harnessing local innovations and talents while connecting to the wider world as the building blocks to address African challenges and drive technological advancement

We are an innovation huba venture lab

Powering Innovations

Fuelling innovations by nurturing a culture of creativity, experimentation, and collaboration, while actively investing in cutting-edge research and development

Data Driven

Harnessing the power of data analytics and machine learning to inform our innovative solutions and create meaningful impact in various sectors across Africa

Social Impact

Making a significant social impact by developing technology-driven solutions in power, education and media

Bringing Innovations To Life.

We are a Space Tech Company and Venture Lab.


RadioAdSpread is an AI-driven global radio advertising platform that allows businesses of all sizes to advertise on radio stations across Africa.


Awamaridi aims to replace the consumption of electricity from the grid system with renewable and natural energy to increase consumption of electricity for economic growth.

School of Ground Truth

Ground Truth is a platform that blends the greatest elements of traditional classroom instruction with modern e-learning to create an immersive learning environment that offers everything that traditional institutions do and more.


DevPartners contributes to the growth of technology talents in Africa by working with partners in the tech industry around the continent to up-skill developers in a transformative system that positions them as integral and invaluable members of the flourishing African tech ecosystem.

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